Frequently Asked Questions

When is your next camp?

The next Girls Rock Dublin camp will run from 25-29th June 2019 in Temple Bar, Dublin 2. All the details together with the application form are available in the dedicated section on this website (Camp). Feel free to get in touch  if you have questions or comments about Girls Rock! (Contact)

What age group is the camp for?

It depends on the camp. The upcoming Summer Camp is for 12-17 year old's. Previous camps were also open to 18-24 year old girls & women. More camps and events will be held in the future for different age groups. Talk to us!

Do you have a Child Protection Policy in place?
Yes, we do. Our Child Safeguarding Statement and our Child Protection Policy and Procedures are shared with the campers' parents/guardians and are part of the volunteer training. They are accessible to anyone HERE
Moreover, all our staff involved at camp is required to complete the Children First E-Learning Programme offered by Child And Family Agency Tusla.

Do I need my own instrument?

No, you don’t. We can lend you one. We have everything you need to learn your instrument, practice with your band, and play a show. You are welcome to bring your own equipment and accessories if you have them but we cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage.

Do you offer financial aid?

Yes! Our financial aid is based on need. We try very hard to make sure our camps are accessible to all applicants. If you need financial aid please specify that in your application.

Thanks to donations, fundraising and the contribution of sponsors, in 2017 and 2018 we managed to give half of our places for free as scholarships. We're aiming to do the same in 2019.

Do I have to like rock music?

No. Rock ’n’ Roll is in our name, but we support all the ways folks want to “rock” — whatever that means to them!

Why girls only?

We want to eradicate all of the limiting myths about music and gender. Through lessons, mentorship, positive examples, and the shared experiences of the staff and volunteers, Girls Rock demonstrates that every genre of music, from the heaviest to the most delicate, and every technical job and creative endeavour in the music industry is available to any individuals who self-identify as female, trans, or gender non-conforming who wants to explore it. We believe that by promoting these things, we can help individuals develop — musically, mentally, and emotionally — their own ideas of who and what they want to be. The enormous amount of community support given to campers at Girls Rock camps affords them a unique opportunity to express themselves in any way they wish.