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2020 Summer Camp

We won't be running a summer camp in 2020, but rest assured that we'll have plenty of activities and workshops to offer overt the year!

Keep an eye on our website and social media pages to know more.


A camp is typically a 5-day long event of music and creative exploration. Campers get to form a band, write a song, learn how to play it and ultimately perform on a stage in front of friends and family. Yes, all in one week! Musical experience is not required.

Campers get instrument coaching (vocals, guitar, bass, synth, drums) and collaborative workshops on relevant topics such as stage set-up; performance; positive self-image reinforcement; women in music history etc.

Coaches and workshop facilitators are women active in the local independent music scene (check our "About" page to see who were our camp coaches in 2017,  2018 & 2019).

For more information read our FAQ.



Our camps are run by and for people who self-identify as women (trans and cis) or gender non-binary.

Inclusiveness is one of the core values of Girls Rock, so we’ll make sure that applicants from underrepresented minority groups such as low income or ethnic backgrounds, queer, LGBT and/or with a disability, will have the chance to participate in the programme.


A number of scholarships will be granted to applicants with low income. If you wish to avail of one, please specify that in your application. Scholarships are limited so we appreciate any useful information that helps the team allocate them appropriately.

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In the words of Divinity Roxx, MC, producer and bass player who toured with Beyoncé, Erika Badu and other legends: “We need an organisation like Girls Rock. They’re popping up all around the world ’cause little girls need to know that they can be on stage and rock, and that the industry is missing your voice.


Do you have something to say? Pick up and instrument, start writing these songs so the world can hear what you have to say, ’cause what you have to say matters”.


Through the camps, Girls Rock strives to empower young women to make a positive expression of their innate talents in a safe and inclusive space and build their self-esteem, and ultimately aims to create a more gender balanced music scene.

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