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JUST FIVE DAYS: GRD 2018 Summer Camp in music, words & pix..



Girls Rock Dublin would like to say THANK YOU. To all those who shared, liked, donated or in any way supported our Summer Camp.


It would not have been the amazing success it was without you. Read below the highlights from our jam packed week at camp:

READ all about our camp below.


LOOK: Behind the scenes at a Rock Camp! The GRD camp in pictures..

LISTEN: We've compiled a Soundcloud list of the 3 new bands playing their 1st songs in the studio during camp..

Summer Camp 2018 Review

JUST FIVE DAYS: What goes on at a rock camp?

Day 1:  On Tuesday morning 15 brave campers walked cautiously into the unknown! As campers & volunteers settled in, we launched the camp for real. Ice officially broken, instrument coaches & campers were straight into the Instrument Carousel (where campers get to try every instrument; maybe you thought you'd play guitar or sing; but who knew a bass felt so right and sounded so cool?!) It's not easy to play an instrument you've never held before in front of a room of strangers, but our gang gave it socks. By the end of the 1st busy day, and with instruments selected, the band coaches and team consulted to divide the newbies into bands. And thus was born: 

Bright Yellow Trashcan

Low Key Breakfast

Not Much


Days 2, 3, 4: Then followed much work, fun, blood (tea), sweat (biscuits) and laughter (further biscuits). Instrument coaching, workshops, band practice & repeat. And what better way to divide the hectic day than with a lunchtime performance by Saint Sister, Elaine Mai, Girlfriend & Loah? After each intimate gig campers got to ask the artists questions about life, music & everything in between. Like how cool is that? Hearing first hand from artists who know what it's like to struggle through & find your path in music. On top of that were the Love Bombs, the zine-making (if you thought you were punk, think again..), the badge machine (“you can never have enough band badges” – Oscar Wilde) & the GRD camp song (an anthem to chant our energy & unite in lyrics!).


Day 5: And it all ends WITH A BANG. We capped off the week with a LOUD AND LOVELY end-of-camp gig. Friends and family were invited for a private show to watch their budding rockers perform their first show as a band. THEIR FIRST GIG! Such energy and pure raw passion. Listen to their songs recorded earlier that day,


It's not much :) But with such an incredibly positive, willing & open minded bunch it's amazing what you can achieve.  It is testament to the hard work and commitment, and amazing support of our Girls Rock Dublin friends that this camp happened and was such a success. Thank you!

Behind the Scenes at a Rock Camp

Camp 2018 Pictures

All images reproduced courtesy of Kristy Hal Photography Dublin.

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