Girls Rock Dublin (GRD)

We are a non-profit organisation that runs camps and events aimed at empowering girls and women* to discover their musical and artistic possibilities: form bands, write songs, rock out!

We are part of a movement of rock camps (Girls Rock Camp) that take place all over the world, united by the desire to achieve gender equality in the music industry. We’re excited to be holding the first Girls Rock Dublin camp the last week of June 2017! Please visit our “The Camp” section for more details about it.

Further information can also be found in our “Frequently Asked Questions” page.

* Girls & women: Our camps are run by and for people who self-identify as women (trans and cis) or gender non-binary.

Girls Rock: Worldwide

Girls Rock Camp is a global movement that’s been gathering momentum since the first camp was launched in Portland, Oregon in 2001. Primarily a music camp, Girls Rock helps women and girls* build self-esteem and find their voices through collaboration in a fun, non-competitive environment. The camps offer a unique programme combining:

  • music education
  • live performance
  • empowerment & social justice workshops
  • leadership skill building

Music is the means through which the movement seeks to create a positive impact at both a personal and community level. Girls Rock is currently present in more than 100 cities with camps happening every year all around the world, including 10 European countries (11 in June! ;)).
The organisation that supports and coordinates this global movement is the Girls Rock Camp Alliance.

Our Mission

Girls Rock builds girls*’ self-esteem through music creation and performance. Providing workshops and technical training, we create leadership opportunities, cultivate a supportive community of peers and mentors, and encourage social change and the development of life skills.

Our Core Values
  • We value the power of music as a means to create personal and social change;
  • We value efforts that actively expand opportunities for girls and women*;
  • We value positive approaches to fighting sexism;
  • We value integrity, honesty and respect;
  • We value appropriate sharing of resources, cooperation, and collaboration;
  • We value using our collective voice to further our mission;
  • We value diversity.